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ZOT Analysis Software

The ZOTAS is a fully automated deep-learning-based program developed for processing ZOT fluorescence images, enhancing protocol reproducibility and image processing speed.

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Upon registration, a ZOTAS administrator will validate your account, after which you will receive a confirmation email indicating that you may use ZOTAS.

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Upload & Analysis

Upon accessing the Analysis Tab, the user can upload two fluorescence microscopy images of zebrafish larvae after Nile-red staining. ZOTAS compatible images are 16-bits one channel .tiff images that include the AFRSAT or VSAT.

Usually, both images are images of the same fish before and after exposure to a potential obesogene or anti-obesogene. The user then picks the sublocation to be detected by deep-learning and subsequently launches the image processing.

Try ZOTAS with the example images below.
Download Pre-exposure Example Image
Download Post-exposure Example Image

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After an image analysis is completed, the user is redirected to the Results page. The results of the last image analysis can be consulted in the Results Tab until a new analysis is performed.